Our Mission is To green the pharmaceutical supply chain in Uganda

Touching every aspect of the health supply chain in Uganda

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Committed To Healthcare Excellence

As a diversified healthcare logistics leader, our solutions help patients access life-changing therapies, create a real difference for patients, and equip pharmacies, health systems and clinics with technologies to operate more effectively. We do all of this and much more as we pursue our mission to improve health outcomes for all.


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Our Vision

Our vision as your supply chain partner is to establish A robust & resilient pharmaceutical supply chain that protects the people, the organizations and the environment


Our Services

    • Prevent

Source & distribute pharmaceutical supplies from manufacturers working towards reducing the carbon footprint.

Provide healthcare organizations with inventory management software that gives them real-time visibility of the ageing of their inventory along the supply chain

  • Treat

Reduce the impact of expiries by providing organizations with a channel through which their slow-moving products are utilized.

Reduce the impact of generated pharmaceutical waste by providing channels of safe disposal.

Pharmacetical Distribution

Rely on our agile and responsive drug distribution services to build a better patient experience.

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Medical Supplies & Equipment

Find quality medical equipment, sundries, pharmaceutical drugs, herbal drugs, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, baby care products and personal care products from authorized manufacturers around the world.


Healthcare Technological Solutions

As part of our sales service, we provide our customers with inventory management software, access to channels through which they can increase consumption of their slow moving/short expiry products and access to pharmaceutical waste disposal services.


What Our Clients Say

“Medfox Healthcare is a refreshing change from our previous service provider. The service level and visibility into the returns process that we have with Medfox Healthcare was not available with our previous vendor.”

Dr. Hawa Mutoni


“A very reliable and helpful company. Their service is awesome and very prompt. Nice people to work with. Recommend them to everyone. Thank you”


Eva Mudhawo


“Reliability and Professionalism is what best defines Medfox Healthcare. They are really helpful and work hard! Nice people!!”

Mark Orengo


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